Quality that you can trust for successful restorations
Clinical tests in Universities, and hundreds of thousands of successful restorations have shown that Adin Dental Implant Systems are the choice of professionals Worldwide. The Touareg range of implants are specifically designed for immediate loading, and the implant surfaces are treated using the latest nano technology for faster osseointegration.

Savings that will make a big difference to your balance sheet
Savings can be as much as 70%, so with ever-increasing competition in implantology, Adin Implants allow dentists to reduce their charges if necessary and still maintain good margins of profitability.

Adin Implants prosthetic range will make a huge difference to your profitability
Adin's straight, angled, aesthetic and healing abutments are compatible with the implants of many of the other manufacturers, so you can also save money with the Adin's prosthetic range. We can forward samples for checking compatibility.